We Have Become Quiet

how to be quiet

Too quiet, for a population of around 8 billion people.

Our machines make a lot of noise. Vehicles scream their exhausts out, smart devices converse a lot with each other. But we don’t.

We’ve buried our noses so deep in our phones that we don’t talk to someone even when we sit face-to-face with them.

We don’t share how our day was, or what our goals and dreams are. In fact, we don’t even know what they are anymore.

Instead, we talk about the next Netflix blockbuster and “Oh, did you read that tweet?!”

We don’t talk about how we feel. We don’t bounce ideas and thoughts off others. No more clarity in our minds which resulted from talking, even if we were bitching about situations and people.

We converse so much via text that we get pissed when we receive a call. Cut the call, text right back saying, “What’s up!”

We don’t miss people anymore because we always know what they’re up to thanks to social media. We don’t need to call them and say, “I miss you!” anymore.

We’ve succumbed to Facebook- and Instagram-exhaustion. We’re bored of scrolling, but we can’t stop.

We feel miserable when our behind-the-scenes are no match for others’ Instagram highlight reel (I refuse to use “depressed” so loosely).

We compensate for it by trolling people we can pick on and indulging in the schadenfreude that results from making them feel shitty about themselves.

We do so much to take care of our bodies, clothes, and physical appearance. But what do we do for our mind and conscience?

We’ve outsourced thinking to machines and their algorithms. We fall in line obediently with what they want us to see and think, and then complain that machines are stealing our jobs.

We’re begging strangers on social media to help us spread the word so that someone will help us earn our daily bread. These tweets and status updates go viral. But are we building meaningful connections?

We claim we’re listening more. But to whom? Are they the people we should listen to?

Becoming quiet is not enough. So are the dead. The question is, what are we doing when we’re quiet?


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