Just Say “No”

Here are 31 things you must say “no” to, starting today:

  1. Say “no” to people who keep demanding your time. They pull you towards themselves, and away from yourself.
  2. Say “no” to doing tasks which don’t make you feel good. In the long run, they are more harmful than you think.
  3. Say “no” to people who want to change you for themselves. If they cannot accept you for who you are, they don’t deserve you.
  4. Say “no” to wishing things were another way. Time wasted on this is time spent away from living in the present moment.
  5. Say “no” to trying to please everyone. You cannot. Even Michael Jackson couldn’t.
  6. Say “no” to time-consuming emotions like anger, distraction and obsession. None of them are a big deal by themselves. But run amok, they become a commitment like anything else.
  7. Say “no” to unrealistic expectations, from people and from yourself. Take it a step further. Say “no” to expectations.
  8. Say “no” to what you want to hold on tight to. The tighter you hold it, the quicker it slips away.
  9. Say “no” to trying to change people. You can change just one person – yourself.
  10. Say “no” to fighting what is beyond your control. Instead, identify what you can control, and work on it.
  11. Say “no” to emotional vampires. They suck the positivity out of you, and leave you hollow and demoralized.
  12. Say no to stagnation. Develop the seeking spirit.
  13. Say “no” to toxic relationships. You deserve better.
  14. Say “no” to the Fear of Missing Out. Instead, cultivate the Joy of Missing Out.
  15. Say “no” to reactions. Learn how to respond instead.
  16. Say “no” to the status quo. Bruce Barton once said, “when you are through changing in life, you are through.
  17. Say “no” to the media. It sells you what you don’t need.
  18. Say “no” to bad health. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy life.
  19. Say “no” to doing everything. A person can do anything she wants, but cannot do everything she wants.
  20. Say “no” to adding what you don’t need. “It’s not the daily increase, but the daily decrease. Hack away at the inessential.” – Bruce Lee.
  21. Say “no” to blame games. Nobody wins. Ever. Instead, take responsibility for your outcomes.
  22. Say “no” to always being right. Try being kind and having an open mind.
  23. Say “no” to addictions. All addictions – even the good ones – are bad. Abstinence from them brings you clarity of thought and peace of mind.
  24. Say “no” to judgement. When you stop judging, the fear of being judged goes with it.
  25. Say “no” to abandoning your self respect. Nothing comes before your self esteem.
  26. Say “no” to lowering your standards of integrity. Integrity is a choice, and when you act in ways out of alignment with it, you suffer.
  27. Say “no” to peer pressure. No one can make you do or feel something without your permission.
  28. Say “no” to gossip. For God’s sake, get over it already.
  29. Say “no” to minding others’ business. You have your own life. Make something of it.
  30. Say “no” to feeling like a victim. Take control of your life.
  31. Say “no” to being a slave of your mind. Become its master instead.

“We’re all busy. We’ve all taken on too much. Saying yes to less is the way out. When you say no to most things, you leave room in your life to really throw yourself completely into that rare thing that makes you say ‘HELL YEAH!’ “Derek Sivers.

This will help you get started with saying “no”.

Your life belongs to you. Go on, live it your way.


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