How To Apologize When You Are Not Wrong?

Apologizing is always challenging, even when you have made some mistake, let alone when you’re not wrong. And as time is passing, people’s tolerance level is getting lower, so you might not have seen many people apologizing when they have done absolutely nothing.

But there are a few people who value relationships and humans more than temporary egos. So, they apologize even when they are right to make everything smooth, making other people respect and love them. Now you might be thinking that this is something unreal and impractical, but it is a fact.

Why should you apologize when you are not at fault?

You have to ask yourself that if it’s your relationship more important or your alter ego. And if you genuinely and honestly love the person who is claiming that you are wrong and angry with you, you will apologize instantaneously. And after all, we all are here, so there will be differences in conflict on the opinions that we have. But that does not mean that we should let these things jeopardize our relationship with other humans.

So, when you express yourself in a carefree way, it might hurt someone‚Äôs sentiments even if you have said nothing wrong. And in that case, it’s better to apologize; it will not only resolve your conflict and clear the air but will also let that person give you space and freedom of speaking your mind. One situation can be when you are a team leader or working at a high post in a company.

Many people are working under you and make some mistakes that make you appear as the wrong person when you are innocent. In that case, you can either become arrogant and claim that your team is at fault, or you can apologize and make a good impression in front of your team so that they can work hard with honesty and loyalty.

How to apologize when you are not wrong?

These are a few ways that you can try to apologize to someone who is blaming you for the wrong when you are right.

  • Be straightforward

Instead of telling the personal stories and giving him/her the justifications, make a straightforward apology. Express the person your feelings and the value you have for them in your heart. And do not accept the blame because you are right; instead, tell them that you need them in your life. And say a subtle sorry for any pain that you might have caused them.

  • Make physical contact.

Let’s assume that your parents are angry with you even though you have done nothing wrong. That happens to many of us when choosing our career paths or relationships that our parents don’t like. So, in that case, words won’t work more than a comforting hug or a gentle kiss on the forehead, not only for parents. If your partner or your friend is mad at you for you being too busy at work or something else, you can make physical contact and make them feel that you are there for them no matter what.   

  • A present will work

We all like surprises and presents so instead of taking the blame entirely you can give a present to the person who is angry with you that they want. It can be as little as a flower or maybe a gesture of kindness or anything for that matter. You can be a little nicer and add a card that says you are sorry.

Final Words  

So, that was all about how to apologize when you’re not wrong but always remember there are certain circumstances when you should never apologize. And that is when someone is trying to harm you or make you appear as a villain on purpose. However, if it is your family and friends, put your guards and ego down and say sorry.   

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