Should You Control Your Emotions?


They are essential. They motivate us to take decisions and action. Recognizing emotions in others helps you communicate without words. You can understand them, and they can understand you.

And yet, they often are the root cause of suffering.

We begin something with positive emotions and good intentions. Slowly, we discover that the garden was not as rosy as we pictured. We lose control of emotions, lose patience and give in to negativity. People are terrible, events are hopeless, and the world is filled with gloom and outrage. Or so we think.

And so, back to being angry. Back to overthinking, paranoia and resentment.

Most of us function like this.

There is an alternative. You can live a happier life and control your emotions. But it involves a process, not an event.

Emotions are like water, Bruce Lee had popularly philosophized. When water stagnates, it spreads disease. When it flows, its freshness and beauty mesmerizes us, exuding serenity. It can be held in a tiny cup, yet is strong enough to corrode rocks. It can cause destruction, but chooses to be the elixir of life.

The key is not to be devoid of emotions, but let them flow like water in a fresh spring.

“Be one in whom feeling is not sticky or blocked.” – Bruce Lee

Control of self means control of the world, John D. Rockefeller’s mother taught him. To control your emotions and yourself, go with nature instead of against it. Acknowledge your emotions – good, bad, beautiful, ugly – and let them flow. Let the next moment receive your complete attention. Remember, emotions are a part of you, but they are not you. Nor are they permanent.

If you set both eyes on what you want, finding your way is tough. You will miss stumbling blocks or pits lying in your path. This, according to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, is very inefficient. But if you have both eyes on the road, you will find your way.

This is what ‘surrender’ means. It doesn’t mean to passively endure, but to look at the end of a process. Instead of putting all your focus on what you want, focus on the road ahead. Rarely does nature take us someplace we don’t like.

You might find that where you end up is far more beautiful than where you wanted to go.

Forcing your emotions is tough. Chances are, you will implode. Letting them flow, not blocking them within you, is easier.

So let your emotions flow. When they do, you will learn to flow with the tide instead of fighting it. Inner peace will increase and anxiety will lessen. It will make you wiser, and happier. It will make you blossom as a human being. This, in turn, will enhance your personal and professional life.


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