Why We Love Easy and Despise Simple

why wanting an easy life is bad for us

In the previous article, we had discussed the difference between easy and simple.

Easy is achieved without effort. Simple is uncomplicated and quickly understood, but often cannot be achieved without effort.

In the long run, an easy life severely limits our mental and emotional growth and makes us vulnerable to stress and poor decisions.Read more

How to Make Progress When You Feel Stuck

what to do when stuck in life

We all set goals to achieve something worthwhile.

Getting fit. Getting a degree. Moving up the corporate ladder. Learning a new skill. Creating something fresh and useful.

We dream of how achieving our goals will feel. The satisfaction, the appreciation from people, the pride of having “done it.”

We begin pursuit of the goal brimming with vigor.Read more

How to Help Someone Get Unstuck

help people get unstuck

Everyone gets stuck at some point. At work, in a relationship, or in a situation.

The uncertainty overwhelms (and sometimes paralyzes) us. And our emotions often worsen the situation.

At such times, we look for solutions on our own, going deeper into what we already know.Read more