10 Authentic Techniques to Meet Your Deadlines Every Single Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

When used in excess, anything gets taken for granted. Whether it’s materials, relations, or even expectations.

Deadlines are no different.

In today’s knowledge age, we’re submerged in a deluge of work. We’re working 24/7, yet rarely moving forward. We start a task but don’t finish it because we get sucked into something else. Or, we might complete our task and hand it over to someone, but that someone gets sucked into something that makes him go “Ooh! Shinaaaaay!”

Our work often doesn’t see the light of day. We’re always running (sometimes harder than we can), but never seem to make it to the finish line.

Here’s why.

We have started taking deadlines for granted. At work, the deadline for everything is ‘yesterday.’ Outside work, we want to do so many things that we just can’t keep up. We harp on the importance of deadlines so often that we’ve subconsciously learned to ignore it. As a result, ‘deadline’ has become a term like litter — it gets thrown, and nobody really cares.

This is bad news. But it’s also good news.

The fact that everyone around you struggles to meet deadlines presents a terrific opportunity for you to distinguish yourself.

Meeting deadlines offers the following benefits:

  1. You do more of what’s important and focus on your tasks better.
  2. You become a reliable asset, at work and outside it — someone who knows how to get stuff done.
  3. You learn how to say no to unwelcome requests and get to do more of what makes you truly happy.

Deadlines can create eustress – a positive reaction to stress that generates the desire to overcome challenges. Yes, stress can create positive outcomes too.

10 Techniques to Master The Ability to Meet Deadlines

The team at Cashnet USA has put together a remarkable infographic to help you figure out how you can stop getting sleepless nights due to deadlines. In it, they’ve highlighted ten techniques to meet your deadlines, whether for a dissertation, a personal project or a task at work.

how to meet deadlines at work

credit: Cashnet USA


This infographic was shared by Luke Doyle who writes on behalf of Saving Spot, and is based in Manchester, UK. When not sharing content, Luke’s passions include traveling and photography.


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