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What do your students need for excelling in the professional world? Of course, they need the education which you provide. 

Along with that, they need tools to tide over the vast competition which they will encounter. Not only must they brand themselves better (no, this is not a clichè), but also prepare to meet (and surpass) the expectations that the professional world has from them. 

We want to help you sow the seeds of innovation, leadership, management and success in the future - your students. We have seen the potential of the human mind and grit, and want to enable each of your students to use it to the maximum.

  • Social Media Foundations:

    There is more to social media platforms than we know. Yes, they distract students if used incorrectly. However, utilized cleverly, they can alter a student’s (or teacher’s) life.

    Through our training program on the foundations of social media, your students and faculty members masterfully leverage various social media platforms for their benefit. Here is how this training program will profit your institute:

    1. Your students will broaden their horizons and present a credible image when prospective employers ‘Google’ them. This will translate into more interview calls, which in turn, will enhance the reputation of your educational institute.

    2. Your faculty will further enhance its domain knowledge through social media platforms, knowledge which it will transfer to your students. This, as mentioned above, will enhance the reputation of your educational institute.

    3. Your students and faculty instantly have to access developments in their fields. Thus, you will help in drastically reducing the gap between the corporate and academia, something many professionals complain about.

    Your students will love this training program. The value that they will take away from it will be even more.

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  • The Important Step:

    Presenting a positive online image is only the first step in an individual’s personal branding strategy today. To pursue a career of her choice, your student must live up to expectations created by her dynamic online persona. These expectations are met through self confidence and belief, which result from preparedness.

    This preparedness is what Aryatra offers your students. Through The Important Step, your students will:

    1. Present themselves better, thus handling interviews with more self confidence

    2. Recognize and imbibe skills needed to succeed in the corporate world, thus getting a heads-up on their competition

    3. Develop self esteem and feel empowered to pursue a career of their choice, thus setting themselves on the path to success.

    Your students will benefit hugely from this training program. Don’t you agree? Simply fill in the form below if you are convinced and leave the rest to us. We will reach out to you in 24 hours.

  • Masterful Communication

    Effective communication - written and spoken - is the most valued skill in the corporate world today. The floodgates open for anyone who can speak crisply and write well.

    No, we are not talking merely about language here. Positioning your thoughts and ideas convincingly is a vital (yet underrated) aspect of effective communication. By attending Masterful Communication, your students will:

    1. Develop the ability to streamline their thoughts before speaking and writing

    2. Present their thoughts and ideas crisply, yet convincingly to others

    3. Impress people with their ability to communicate effectively, thus further increasing their value in the corporate world.

    Masterful communication is exclusive to a talented individuals - it can be acquired by all your students. It is something which the trainers at Aryatra have worked, and sharpened, for years. We would now like to share the lessons we learned with your students.

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