“Focus on your writing skills. It’s the one thing I’ve found that really helps people stand out. More and more communication is written today. Get great at presenting yourself with words, and words alone, and you’ll be far ahead of most.” — Jason Fried, Basecamp.

Did you know that people who write well get paid better salaries?

Surprised? Well, it’s based on research. And reason.

Here’s what we know.

Most people stagnate in their careers not because of lack of skill, but because of their ability to communicate. They struggle to convince their colleagues and boss about their ideas. They struggle at length when they try to share their thoughts. As a result, they cannot stand out in the crowd.

But some people get promoted twice a year. They also find better jobs that pay amazing salaries. The sky is the limit for their careers. All this just because they’re brilliant communicators.

Why does communication play such a decisive role? Especially written communication, which gets ‘just 40 percent weightage’ in overall communication?

Here’s why.

When you write, people form opinions about you. When your writing is sloppy and haphazard, people assume that your thinking is the same.

But when your writing is crisp and easy to understand, three crucial things happen:

1. You appear as a clear thinker.
2. You become someone who can Get Things Done.
3. You build a strong network at work and outside it.

A person who can achieve the above is always in demand in the corporate world.

Here’s good news.

Effective business writing is not an inborn skill. Like driving and cooking, it can be learned and improved over time. And that’s what this eBook will help you do.

This content and D-I-Y exercises in this eBook will make you:

1. A crisper business writer who spends 40 percent less time writing,
2. A person who can present your ideas effectively and convince stakeholders to agree,
3. One who gets the respect and recognition that you deserve at work.

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This free eBook on effective business writing covers the following topics:

1. How business writing skills will improve your career
2. The single most effective technique to make yourself a better business writer
3. The four most common types of business writing formats — Cover Letters, Résumés, Emails, and Memos
4. Tools which will help you frame sentences well and refine your writing.

Download this book if:

1. You want to improve your business writing but don’t know how to do so.
2. You’re a fresher, junior- or mid-level employee who wants to get ahead in your career.
3. You’re looking to switch jobs and don’t know how to frame your résumé and cover letter.

[Note: If you’re looking for grammar and language tips, you won’t find this eBook helpful.]

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Download the eBook Now
Free eBook on Effective Business Writing!
We respect your privacy.