Author: Vishal Kataria

What is Important to You?

how to focus on what is important for you

The biggest challenge we’ve always faced is to prioritize our work.

How should we distinguish between important, urgent, and avoidable work?

It’s not that we don’t think about this question. But often, our answers are upside down. Work that can get avoided becomes important while truly important work gets avoided altogether.Read more

Practicing the Subtle Art of Making Better Decisions

how to become better at taking decisions

Life is like a box of chocolates: full of choices.

A study in 2009 stumped experts.

New York ranked at the bottom among cities in a Happiness Rating survey conducted across the US.

This finding contradicted most people’s opinion that New York was a ‘marvelous place to live in.’ The limitless options for dining, entertainment, arts, and shopping — who could feel unhappy?… Read more