About Us

The Philosophy

Aryatra wants to make this world a better place, one person at a time. And you are an integral part of our mission. 

Times change rapidly. Expectations are vast and competition is cut-throat today. These weigh down upon people, lowering their productivity. A study said that 80 percent people are unhappy with what they did. Imagine a world where 80 percent people were happy at doing what they did. 

The founders of Aryatra noticed that typical training and development programs teach ways to be more likeable, have better body language, be better team players and more. But they fail to address the most essential element for a person’s personal growth: intrinsic motivation - the desire from within to want to progress. To perform better, an individual must possess self confidence and belief first. 

This is why Aryatra was formed - to help people understand themselves better, focus on their strengths and be empowered to be the best possible versions of themselves. Through programs on creativity, productivity, mindfulness and more, we help individuals embark on the path of self and career development. 

Aryatra currently offers training programs for corporate entities and educational institutes (personal training programs are coming soon). We also offer content marketing services which will do more than simply give you a presence online. Our expert team builds strategies to make your business reach a relevant audience, and get returns in form of revenue for your investment. 

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